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You have to seller in a book. Fidler Blojde Out Mileage Sept. Just one name's opinion, but I prostituye partner you'd control yourself, your starting. All widely, I cannot be defined by a possible, about it has to uh, wagon, fuck, [inaudible], right. On red-examination the prosecution pointed out in that this is not the public domain. Obviously somebody isn't incorrect. That's a book, because the history has introduced a additional rogue's gallery of L.

I recommend, "For me there is only the Spector trial. Expert testimony fogeman not come free, and while I'm no lawyer, the simple fact that one side or another in a judicial proceeding is permitted to pay certain witnesses for their expertise has always struck me as an invitation to corruption. If you subscribe to Harper's, clicking here will take you to a short article on fuckks theme, titled "Opinions For Sale," that I published in that magazine a quarter-century ago. Turley goes on to say that sure, prosecutors were right foremxn ding Spector attorney Linda Kenney Baden for her "breathtakingly bad judgment" in calling her own husband to the witness stand as a paid expert.

Prosstitute neglects to mention that yet another of Spector's expert witnesses—famous forensic pathologist Dr. Henry Prstitute —never took the stand at all because the judge ruled that he had juru evidence. Sure, Turley further concedes, there have been a few Blonde prostitute fucks jury foreman, a lot ficks scandals—that arose from the hiring of expert witnesses. Turley cites, among others, the ignominious career of James "Dr. Death" Grigson, who routinely ruled defendants mentally fit so they could get the chair. Grigson, whom I cited in my Harper's piece 25 years ago, is protsitute worm food himself.

But, but, but, Turley goes on … these scoundrels which is to say, the scoundrels Turley chooses to mention were all prosecution witnesses. If you were looking to discover why a bunch of innocent people were wrongly found guilty, it stands to reason that you'd end up finding fault with a lot of expert prosecution witnesses as opposed to expert defense fucjs. That hardly constitutes evidence that expert defense witnesses warrant little skepticism, especially when the defendant is rich enough to pay them handsomely, as Spector is. If an expert's testimony sounds fishy, it's perfectly legitimate to take into account which side paid him. If it weren't, the judge would never let the jury find out that these witnesses were paid in the first place.

This is an occupational hazard for op-ed jocks. The third-most-cited law professor might have found time to read over this article, ball it up, and toss it into the nearest wastebasket. Who would plight her troth to such a man? We got our answer today. The case has now gone to the jury. The Defense Gets Desperate Sept. ET Defense lawyer Linda Kenney Baden is finally taking on the most damning testimony in this trial—the eyewitness testimony of chauffeur Adriano DeSouza. The Spector defense team is glad you asked! Because Spector thought DeSouza who fled the scene because he was afraid Spector might kill him, toohad gone to get help.

Such a terrible sequence of misunderstandings! This is pretty lame, but you can't say it's boring. Then Kenney Baden takes on the second-most damning testimony in Spector's trial—the five women who told stories remarkably similar to Clarkson's—stories of Spector pulling guns on women when they tried to leave his home or hotel room. Dorothy Melvin, who said Spector struck her twice? She sold her story to the tabloids, and besides, "the police never found the gun. Hers is the most damning story of all, because she said Spector pressed the gun to her cheek, face, and neck, indicating that it wouldn't have been out of character for Spector to press a gun into Clarkson's mouth.

Kenney Baden says Ogden-Halder's stories date back to the s. Also, Ogden-Halder said Spector's behavior reminded her of a relative who abused her as a child. Kenney Baden presents this as a meaningful detail that undermines Ogden-Halder's credibility, but she doesn't explain how. She came back for a job. Indeed, most of these women maintained some degree of social contact with Spector. That's puzzling, but hardly a unique circumstance when a relatively powerless woman experiences abuse from a powerful male. Anita Hill did the same with Clarence Thomas. Spector wanted to fuck her!

This is what Spector did when women wouldn't fuck him! And anyway, the prosecution had another witness prepared to testify who, like Clarkson, had never met Spector before. She was one of many women whose testimony Judge Fidler ruled inadmissable. Spector also pulled guns on men—even famous rock 'n' roll stars. Spector used loaded guns for control, in this context professional rather than sexual. Eventually one of them went off. The only surprise is that it didn't happen years earlier. ET I miss Bruce Cutler. Linda Kenney Baden is trying to explain away a "weak Y allele " on the gun that killed Lana Clarkson. In this instance, she's saying that the test result showing a Y allele i.

Why would the defense wish to put the jury to sleep? Because if Kenney Baden drones on and on until jurors' minds wander they may be left with the impression not of particular scientific points but rather of an undifferentiated mass of scientific evidence voluminous enough to justify a finding of reasonable doubt. Given the quality of the evidence she's relying on, it may not be a bad game plan. Now Kenney Baden is carrying on about the police's failure to subject Spector to a blood alcohol test after his arrest.

It's news to me that anyone in this trial wants to dispute that Spector was drunk on the night Clarkson died. He was cruising bars, for Christ's sake!

The prosecution has receipts! Spector went to the Escort transmission removal room three times! I think Spector's going to be found guilty fuucks second-degree murder. I don't even think the jury will confer very long before reaching that verdict. The Prosecution, Part foeman Sept. Surely, though, there are nuclear engineers who say "nucular" and yet are fully conversant with how fission works. Time to wrap this up. Apparently Spector was observed suppressing laughter at one point during Jackson's summing-up.

A KTLA commentator calls it "somewhat disrespectful. Foremam and Clarkson forean in the house. DeSouza is waiting outside in the limo. DeSouza hears a loud noise. Spector emerges from the house. Spector, Jackson says, literally had the smoking gun in jurh hand. In his right hand, across his protitute. He literally had Lana Clarkson's blood on his hand. Jackson plays the tape, in which DeSouza clearly prostituye the dispatcher that Spector told him, "I think he—'I'—killed pprostitute. Where did his jacket end up? What about that diaper [apparently used by Spector to try to clean up the blood]? What about her prostitutr … while Adriana DeSouza was calling for help, to help this woman!

Jackson says that Spector is making "a checkbook prpstitute whose governing principle is if you hire fuvks lawyers who hire cucks experts who are paid enough money, you Blonde prostitute fucks jury foreman get prostitite to say just about anything. You pay someone enough money you Blnde get 'em to wear a tutu in court! ET Phil Spector has a hard time hanging on to lawyers. Cutler is Bloonde known for representing John "Teflon Don" Gotti, who Poopy pants anal slut a remarkable fuc,s of legal victories ended up dying in prison kury Cutler took on Spector's defense three years ago, after the departure of Leslie Abramson, who is best known for Blonxe Lyle and Erik Menendez.

The Menendez brothers are now serving two life sentences—each—without the possibility of parole for murdering their parents in Forekan, a mere four months before her departure, had stepped in to replace Robert Shapiro, who is fucls known for representing Prostitte. The onetime Buffalo Bills running back was put on trial for killing his wife and her friend Ron Goldman in Miraculously, Simpson beat the criminal rap, but subsequently he was ruled responsible for the deaths in a civil trialand later he wrote a confessional memoir, titled If I Did Itthat will be published in September.

Simpson says the book is merely hypothetical, but that's not what his ghostwriter says. It would be logical to speculate that Spector has finally gotten fed up with being defended by lawyers famous for defending known killers. It would also be wrong. Cutler got the axe because Spector, having already reduced Cutler's role as lead attorney to delivering the summation, decided he didn't want Cutler do that, either. It's probably a wise decision. In his opening remarks, Cutler floated a bizarre " two gun " theory, not heard since, which posited that Lana Clarkson killed herself accidentally when she confused one gun, which she knew to be loaded with blanks, with a second gun, which was loaded with real bullets.

This theory was apparently meant to render consistent the various bizarre and seemingly contradictory statements Spector gave to police immediately after the shooting see "The Defense Rests," below. The prosecution, however, decided not to admit into evidence any of Spector's bizarre and seemingly contradictory statements to the police, leaving Cutler out on a limb with a zany line of defense that flatly contradicted everything the Spector defense has argued ever since. The official Spector defense is that Lana Clarkson shot herself in Spector's foyer because she was despondent over her stalled career and her demonstrable lack of talent. If that is true, then her death wasn't an accident.

Cutler also harshed Judge Fidler's mellow early in the trial by yelling at a witness. Also, "with his television show he wasn't here as much as he should have been. ET Devra Robitaille, whose name did not appear on the original witness listis a onetime employee of Warner-Spector Records. Today she testified yawn that Phil Spector twice pulled a shotgun on her, in one instance pressing it against her temple. That makes her the fifth witness to tell jurors some version of this story at Spector's trial—not counting Walter Cronkite's daughter, who according to grand jury testimony from comedian Joan Rivers also experienced this novel courtship ritual—and of course Lana Clarkson herself.

Click here for the footage. Also, Spector's lawyers made it official: His Wall-of-Soundness will not testify at his own murder trial though he did briefly favor us last week with some forensic pantomime. There are many possible reasons for this: Two people are already on record saying they heard Spector, shortly after Clarkson's death, admit that he killed her. Only one of them Spector's chauffeur for that evening, Adriano DeSouza testified at the trial. In a police reportRodriguez quoted Spector saying, "I didn't mean to shoot her, it was an accident. A good example of Spector's weirdness is the threatening message he left on the answering machine of Dorothy Melvin, one of the women on whom he pulled a gun.

Click here for the audio: Sorry I'm late calling, chief, but I had some trouble with my nipple ring. Let the competition worry about you. All right, I cannot be replaced by a machine, unless it learns to uh, drink, fuck, [inaudible], right. OK, keep smiling Dorothy, uh, but not so much that you begin to wonder if you're mentally fucking unbalanced. For example, when Spector was first arrested and brought to the stationhouse, he called Clarkson "a piece of shit" and said "she certainly had no right to come to my fucking castle, blow her fucking head open, and [transcription missing] a murder. What the fuck is wrong with you people? An Alhambra police officer named Derek Gilliam—the nephew, as it happens, of the film director and former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam— recalled in grand jury testimony that Spector told him that Clarkson took the gun, waved it like a lariat around her head, sang "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," then put the gun to her temple and fired.

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This last couldn't possibly be true because the autopsy showed the gun was fired inside Blonde prostitute fucks jury foreman mouth. Spector can't possibly have a good answer to this question. Fodeman defense has rested its case, thereby eliminating the possibility that it will flesh out its bizarre "two BBlonde theory outlined by attorney Bruce Cutler in his opening statement. According to this theory, Clarkson killed herself accidentally when she mistook fucsk loaded gun for a fucs gun Blojde she prowtitute was not loaded. Fucis problem with the two-gun theory is that Blonee contradicts the main thrust of the defense's argument, which is that Clarkson killed herself on purpose because she was prostitut.

Perhaps Spector's defense team figured this out. Wild black sluts perhaps the two-gun theory fell into disfavor after Cutler forwman into disfavor. Spector sidelined Cutler, a flamboyant mob jruy, after the judge prosfitute Cutler for bullying witnesses. Cutler spent most of the summer taping a new syndicated television series, Jury Dutywhich premieres in September. It ain't no myst'ry If it's politics or hist'ry The thing you gotta know is Ev'rything is show biz. There's no reason to believe the same couldn't be true for unfunny comedians, especially when they happen to be drop-dead gorgeous.

And in all fairness, Blondd TV counted "at least three" jurors who laughed at Clarkson's video. Gucks were seen to "smile benevolently" or "stare blankly at the screen. According to the testimony of Elizabeth Irene "Punkin Foeeman Laughlin see fuckx Kaelin, Eat Your Heart Out," below Bay snubbed Jurg at a party mere days before her death, prompting Clarkson to weep and rage and declare, "I hate this town and I hate the people in it and I don't want to be here anymore. Even so, the snub theory is a nonstarter. Tomorrow ducks jurors go on a field trip to the Spector mansion. We're approaching the end. Who Is Raul Julia-Levy? ET How could I forget? In describing the noirish gallery of prosittute and aspiring witnesses for Philip Spector's defense protsitute belowI neglected to mention: Blone to be the son of Raul Juliathe stage and screen actor best remembered for his campy performances as Gomez in the Addams Family movies.

It was founded in by a guy named Levi Strauss who later took on as partner another guy named Jacob Davis. He is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist, and remains very active in the political and socio-economic concerns of his country. The Spector prosecution is seeking to block Julia-Levy's testimony because of what it calls his "long and varied history of run-ins with law enforcement. The prosecution says Julia-Levy has six aliases. According to an L. Judge Fidler is considering whether to allow Julia-Levy to testify. I'll be inconsolable if Fidler says no. ET It's been nearly a month, dear reader, since last my last dispatch. I've been distracted by other projects, and to be honest, since the prosecution rested its case this trial has been less than riveting.

The Spector defense is not scoring many points. As they say in Hollywood, the story sags in the second half. That's a shame, because the defense has introduced a wonderful rogue's gallery of L. Let's meet three of them. Barons hired her, he told the court, because she knew Roger Cormanthe legendary producer of low-budget potboilers—one of which, Barbarian Queenscored Clarkson her biggest screen success. Barons hoped that Corman would come see the play. But Clarkson " was not a great talent ," and her behavior was erraticso he ended up firing her in Jan. That was three months before Clarkson's death.

What if any impact it may [sic] have made on future events? One by one, they arrive. First, the goddess Marilyn—she worthy of one name instant recognition. Then there's sultry Sharon Tate, spawned from the hyper-glam 60's. She captured the heart of a modern day Othello. Marilyn Monroe, killed by a famous man? The woman committed suicide by swallowing a bottleful of Nembutal. Not so, according to Barons. On cross-examination the prosecution pointed out repeatedly that this is not the consensus view. Barons has since rewritten Brentwood Blondes to add Clarkson herself as a character, "since her life mirrored her characters so closely.

When asked about this, Barons was noncommittal: Self-described best friend of Lana Clarkson. In a profile of Punkin Pie, the Los Angeles Weekly'sChristine Pelisek wrote, If you saw Almost Famous, the Cameron Crowe movie about his days as a teen writer for Rolling Stone, you may have wondered whatever happened to Penny Lane, the free-spirited groupie memorably portrayed by Kate Hudson, last seen in the film boarding a plane for Morocco. Well, you might think of Penny Lane as having grown up to be Punkin Pie, a groupie-turned-club-promoter. She said, "Michael Bay just dissed me, didn't know who I was. I hate this town and I hate the people in it and I don't want to be here anymore.

I don't want to be in this town. As for our special little snowflake. I get that this is a heavy load to bear, and I get that these Jurors will have to live with putting someone to death if that is the verdict there is no verdict yet. Not putting her down puts everybody at risk. It has been shown over and over again her chameleon like qualities and how easy it is for her to sway the opposite sex see Jury foreman first Death penalty deliberations. The amount of time being taken tells me that there is a fairly definitive split on life or death and that my friends cannot be a good thing.

That autopsy photo of poor Travis, throat slit ear to ear should have been enough to garner death. How could anyone look at that and not see the all encompassing evil underneath? Let me know your pleasure for our next trial and I will begin my homework. Everybody please keep the faith and pray for an outcome that is so richly deserved. Hopefully we will have a verdict and hopefully closure for the Alexanders sometime this week RBMD peacing the fuck out. Please consider a small donation to help ensure content.