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That's not a piece of grit. That's a future Dream Slut out two-hundred bucks. She's a waitress NOW, but this girl has Slutty breast top something. One can really see her going from rags to riches on my arm, and maybe she's just the gal I need to help me do it. That sentiment neatly described most of the roles Joan Crawford ever played at Metro: The Upperwardly-Mobile Slut is the kind that scrubs up well. She may be forced to buy from the Sears Roebuck catalogue now, but when the time comes, she'll be a knock-out wearing those Schiaparelli furs. Perhaps the Upwardly-Mobile Slut is a touch too independent to be the straight-marrying kind, but she certainly can give a man a run for his money, whilst they are together.

Joan Crawford, in her heydey, was one of the most alluring, glamourous stars in the firmament known as Hollywood. Polite to a fault with her fans whom she never forgot put her inside the clothes she wore so wellnever forgetting to send back an autographed glammed up photo, she knew the recipient could be a future Joan Crawford stuck in some rathole in Iowa. She played her role well with both men and women, who both gave the Upwardly-Mobile Slut plenty of affection on the big screen. Heck, she was the girl everyone rooted for to win, in the chick-film to end all chick-films, The Women.

You tell me one "Other Woman" who would get the sympathy she could garner from her audience, like she could. Why, they would've knifed Katharine Hepburn themselves if they could. Just remember, fellas, when she says no more wire hangers, she means it. Clara Bow Clara Bow is famous for three things: Having a Brooklyn accent so thick, even Bugs Bunny couldn't understand her. She disappeared when the talkies hit the big time 2. Bee-stung lips, which by the way, I share, see? Having slept with the entire University of Southern California men's college football team, just because, well, she wanted to. That it wasn't true is beside the point.

She was the It Girl, which was flapper and bathtub gin short-hand for a good-time girl. And that's what Good Time Girls did back then. If you had range, you could play a saucy minx in Jezebel, even though you had bulbous eyes Queen Victoria would be proud of, like Bette Davis. If you looked like a goddess but swore like a trucker, you could play ditzes in screwball comedies, like Carole Lombard. If you had a way about you, could handle a champagne flute, or a broomstick, you could play both the ingenue or the lead, like Ingrid Bergman. But Hollywood also needed a girl from the mean streets who never forgot she was from the mean streets, and that was Barbara Stanwyck, the Brassy Slut.

The Brassy Slut isn't quite the Trashy Slut, because she's ambitious. She's not the Good-Time-Girl Slut because she's got character. And she's not the Upwardly-Mobile Slut, because usually life is really hard on her, and rarely cuts her a break -- this is why her outward veneer is usually cold, and her tongue sassy.

It to;, "I'm out for number 1 'cause you lousy jerks don't care about me! Film critic Leslie Halliwell loved Barbara Slutty breast top. She was a genuine outsider in the Hollywood system, able to translate such depths of tenderness in her roles, that her personality jumped straight out at you from the screen, a priceless quality bdeast have. So brezst, when you meet a Brassy Slut or two once nreast a while, remember, there's a heart of gold lurking underneath that crusty exterior. In the phrase of her day, she was some Sluttty of dame. To imagine that this wispy, but not untalented actress Free sexy sluts pics inis to realise just how Slutty breast top her visual is in our minds: The Trophy Slut is the gal who a man wants, whom he desires more than anything, not because it says something about her, but because it says something about HIM.

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